About Me

Twenty-five things about me

1. My first overseas trip was to Ireland when I was three. My most vivid memory from the holiday is feeding a cat.

2. I was a very shy kid, and writing has always been a great refuge. 

3. My favourite number is six. 

4. I majored in English at university, and I love books. One of the best feelings for me is finding a book that stirs up so much emotion, you have to put it down and catch your breath. I've felt that way about Mrs. Dalloway, A Portrait of a Lady, Lolita, Frankenstein, and many others. 

5. I ate bugs in Thailand and went back for seconds. They're tasty pan-fried with green onion and lemongrass. True.

6. I love crosswords, Sudoku, and pub quizzes.

7. I carry about 5 pens on me at all times. 

8. My first solo trip was to England and Ireland, as a university student. It was a blur of dingy hostel dorms, Cadbury, and geeking out on literary history.  

9. I love animals, and seeing any kind of animal exploitation (aka roadside zoos) makes me really upset.

10. I'm left-handed, and went through a phase of researching famous left-handed people. Hear that, Oprah? Prince William? Paul Simon?

11. I can speak English and French, and bits of Thai and Turkish. I'm currently studying Korean.

12. I can happily spend hours and hours in a new coffeeshop, drinking tea, people watching, and reading. 

13. In the ESL classroom, my stick men drawings get a lot of praise. 

14. I can bake a mean pie.

15. In a new country with a new language, I always learn how to say "I love you." It makes me smile when I overhear people saying it on the phone or to a partner. 

16. I tend to ramble, in my writing and in person. 

17. I grew up on British comedy and love Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous, The Office (UK) and Peep Show

18. I have zero musical talent. None at all.

19. One of my favourite trips was backpacking alone in China. The Great Wall took my breath away. 

20. I think gum is beyond gross. The smacking sound of someone talking while chewing gum drives me bananas.

21. My favourite movies are the Indiana Jones series. 

22. I collect scarves from all my travels. 

23. I'm fastidious about grammar and spelling. Say "for all-intensive purposes" to me, my jaw will clench.

24. I'm really good at packing light. 

25. Travel has led me to believe that people are ultimately kind, compassionate and good.