Apr 26, 2009

The First Post!

My TEFL course is finished, my new job starts in a few weeks, and I'm looking out a window of free time.

A cynic would call it grim, grim unemployment. An optimist would call it a vacation (or worse, "me-time"). I titled it "lazing," but in a burst of initiative, decided to use this free time to tackle a few points on the ol' To-Do list. Taxes got filed. Muffins got baked. New York Times crossword puzzles got half-finished. The yoga mat got dusted off and, later, muscles got sore. And this little blog was born.

I have a list of enviable blogs on my internet bookmarks. I love looking up other people's clever musings, celebrity gossip, recipes, photography, stories, and notes on our strange strange world. If I could do any one of those things with unquestionable skill and wholehearted passion, this blog would have been in the making long ago. But, like all Average Janes, my interests are varied. They are also prone to great bouts of devotion, with dry spells in between.

I have participated in blogs before. Matador Travel has a fantastic forum for those bitten by the travel bug, and I am one third of a blogging team on Alternative Scope. But this is my first solo effort, not yet focused in its purpose.

Bear with me, blogosphere.

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