Oct 9, 2009

Back to the Crayons

After all my smug espousing on the challenges and pat-myself-on-the-backiveness of teaching adults, I'm back to the kiddies. A new job, a new curriculum, and a new setting: middle school and high school classrooms. 

I really love teaching teenagers, they always surprise me. They spout wisdom wise beyond their years about the changing role of women. Minutes later, they're pissed at each other because they all agreed to wear skirts on Thursday but one girl copped out and wore trousers. I get a kick out of the proud weirdos; the ones who will happily stand up in class and shout "I LOVE doing homework, and I never want a girlfriend!" 

What I love most about this age group is how easily you can win respect with a base knowledge of pop culture. 

Here's how the first day went:

sixth grader: "Miss Anne, do you like Twilight?"

me: "Yes, I do."

sixth grade class: "yaaayy!"

sixth grader: "Miss Anne, do you like WWF Smackdown?"

me: "Yes, I do."

sixth grade class: "yaaaaaaayyyy!"

sixth grader: "Miss Anne, do you like Chace Crawford?"

me: "Yes, I do."

sixth grade class: "YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!"

(These statements are lies, by the way, but what can it hurt?)

Let the pop English lessons begin.


  1. I NEED a copy of that book. I'm willing to practice.

    Your blog keeps me in stitches. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Now you have covered all ages from K-60 and each with great success no doubt. I love your blog and your great classroom ideas - hope it's OK if I borrow them.

    My 5th graders are very engaged but the pre-puberty 6th graders (all the girls)are silent during class. I've had to resort to taping stars under the desks when I know I will need volunteers that day. "OK, check under your desk for a special star. If you have one you get to help Patteacher today." It's working so far but I will need an alternate method soon.