Apr 24, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary!

Me on my first birthday. The fear of fire and fondness of Smarties hasn't changed.

Holy guacamole, a year ago I was sitting in Toronto assembling this little blog. Time flies, gang!

What was happening in the world then? Swine flu panic, Susan Boyle parodies on sketch comedy TV, me indulging my spring-appropriate beer du jour, Rickard's White. Then, I was a young teacher with a freshly minted TESL certificate in my hand, booking a one-way ticket to Istanbul.

I started this blog for copycat purposes; because I got such a kick out of reading the blogs of savvy writers and all around cool folk. I started it to become a more self-disciplined writer myself, and to have an outlet for all my ponderings about teaching and the TEFL biz.

The verdict? Two thumbs up for blogging. I'm loving it, and I hope you like reading it.

ps: I read an article this morning about the rise in blog-bullying. It seems that more and more righteous mothers criticize the parenting styles of other mommy bloggers, and single-gal-in-the-big-city bloggers are called sluts by anonymous comment posters. Notice the female pattern? I did. Seems some people need to re-watch Mean Girls. Anyway, I have to say thanks to you folk for reading my ramblings, for giving kind and constructive feedback, for being nice.


  1. Hooray for blogging indeed, keep it up lady you're awesome. Also, cute picture. Now I want cake.

  2. Here's to another fun year. And to nice readers. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Doesn't it go by quickly? One day it's a wee little blog and the next thing you know...

    I really enjoy the candle choice on your cake, by the way. I think that's a communion candle or something. Killing too birds with one stone?

    Can't wait to read about more adventures!

  4. Keep up the good work. I hope you had cake to celebrate said bloggiversary, or at the very least, Smarties...