Jun 23, 2010

Shucks, Vancouver, You Shouldn't Have

photo by jmv on Flickr. I don't have the camera skill or man-hands to pull this off.

Do you ever arrive in a new place and feel immediately at home?

Okay, yes, it helps when you haven't left your country and there's no language or cultural barrier. Still, it's a great feeling. I don't often buy into karma and "the universe telling me to....," but two days into my Vancouver summer experience, I can tell I'm in the right place.

Some evidence? I've seen, heard, and eaten some amazing things in 24 wee hours.

I saw a seagull catch a starfish right out of the ocean on a walk through English Bay.

I found a coffeeshop selling Rice Krispies squares the size of bricks for $2.

I went for Korean food and heard my favourite K-Pop band, Big Bang, on the stereo. (don't you have a favourite K-pop band? No? I'll assign you Big Bang, then.)

I saw a girl who looked about fifteen, with a neck tattoo of a laptop.

I was outdoors all day and didn't get sunburnt (a minor miracle, I'm as fair as undercooked chicken)

England won their match and can move on to the next round in the World Cup. I don't think my place in Vancouver helped this happen in any way, but I was happy to see so many cars driving around Denman street with flags of St. George's cross.

I saw my best friend from high school, who seems happier than ever. Aww.

...one heck of a welcome, Vancouver!

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  1. Woo, Vancouver! Haven't been out that way yet, but I've heard amazing things.

    And wtf? Neck laptop tattoo?