Feb 6, 2011

Thailand by Fork and Spoon

I have 300+ photos from my Thailand trip.

Temples, beaches, monkeys, elephants, blah blah blah.

Let's get to the good stuff.

Phad ka paew from my favourite spot in Ayutthaya. The chef remembered me from when I lived there and used to stop in for lunch.

Phad see yew with egg tofu.

Tom yam hedt and fruit shakes.

Fish! Stuffed with herbs and roasted brains n' all.


Okay, I didn't eat these peanuts, but how cute is this monkey?

Noodle soup with fish balls. Yep. Fish balls.

Yam kai dao (a spicy egg and veg salad) with green curry behind it. Mine was better.

Som tam! Papaya, peanuts, shrimp and tomato salad. Looks cooling, Sets your tongue on fire.

Brown rice

Tom ka gai

Banana pancake. Dangerous.

Papaya and unripe mango with chili sugar.


  1. Love it. I'm a little jealous right now. =D

  2. Very different food I have ever seen!! I heard about all these but this is the first time viewing. "Yam Kai do" seems to be a common food that anyone can prefer.. At first I was shocked seeing these recipes but later I respected their Food Habits.....
    Nice Post Anne!