Apr 17, 2011

Awesome Blossoms


Springtime in Korea.

The weather is perfect, sunny and warmish, with a crispness in the breeze.

Have I been writing much? Heck no. I've been outside. I've been hiking, strolling, patio-drinking, paddle-boating and lingering around the market. I've been making lovey-eyes at the cherry blossoms.

I've been gushing to family and friends back home about the cherry blossoms, how their blooms just get bigger and bigger like fireworks. How they make my dreary old bus stop look like a postcard.

I've been to forgetting my camera at home every darn day. 

Finally, I remembered it once. 

Bear in mind, there are huge parks and promenades in Korea packed with cherry blossoms. They're incredibly pretty. These photos are not from those sites. The day I finally dug out my camera was just a typical day, walking to work, walking around the neighbourhood, coming home. These are the blossoms on average streets, just outside my door. 


  1. Wish the weather would warm up here...April 17th and it was snowing in Ontario. Gross.

  2. Are you in Seoul? Here in my neighborhood the cherry blossoms are also out in full force and it is so, so nice. The weather this weekend was perfect for picnic and hanami'ing - Seoul Forest, especially. I never want the spring to leave!!

  3. Oh wow. Here in Chicago it's cold and snowy. I'm so jealous! It's beautiful!

  4. Snow in North America? Brutal. The continent is going to shut down on the first spring day, with everyone calling in *cough* sick.

    Naomi - I'm in Ulsan, which is nothing remarkable, lookswise, but the cherry blossoms make it heaven. I'd love to see some of your photos of the blossoms.

  5. so pretty! and yes - there was a snowday here this week!