Jul 29, 2011

An open letter to my Estonian readers

Anne Merritt. Clothes on.

Dear Estonian audience,

I'm not the Anne Merritt you're likely searching for.

Last week, I was excited to look at my blog stats and see a sharp spike in traffic coming out of Estonia.

I visited the country four years ago, and loved it. The cities were like cosy snow globe towns dotted with witty anti-Bush graffiti. The food was fresh and hearty. The people were polite and kind. I've been encouraging other travellers to see the Baltics ever since.

But why the sudden popularity in Estonia?

A curious parallel was noted in the blog stats. Earlier this month, around the same time that my readership rose in Estonia, a pattern of keyword searches also emerged.

"Anne Merritt porn."
"Anne Merritt porno."

Very curious.

I Googled it (wouldn't you?) and found that there's another Anne Merritt on the internet airwaves, doing sexy stuff for a very zoomed-in camera. The video is short, but seems to be making quite the splash on Baltic adult film sites.

The real kicker? This other Anne Merritt also has brown hair, pale skin, and a big nose. If you only knew my face from thumbnail author photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking she and I were the same person.

We're not the same person.

I'm sure you're disappointed that your x-rated Google search brought you to a blog where I talk about teaching, moon over Korean pop music, and eat weird things.

But if you can, stick around a while. I'm glad you're here.




  1. That's it! I'm officially taking you off my google reader! I kept thinking the webcam pictures were going to show up soon...