Aug 24, 2011

The morning commute of an ESL teacher

I brought my camera to work one day.

I was going to make a great day-in-the-life photo essay of my workday.

The battery died before I even passed the front gate.

I had snapped some photos of my morning walk for context. It was all ho-hum stuff to me, the surroundings I glimpse every day. A squat doorframe, crates of empty soda bottles, motorcycles parked in an alley. My eyes scan past them each morning. It was only when I stopped to take photos that I saw these images standing alone, each revealing a quirky little insight into Korean living.



  1. I love these images. They really do reveal a lot about day-to-day life. I also love the duck restaurant sign. They always have an image of the animal you are about to devour approving...

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  3. Great photos...didn't even need the ones of your workplace...I suggest doing this again as the seasons change, especially with snow all over the place.

  4. So cool! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and partially because of that, I'm gearing up for my first year of teaching in Korea! I leave October 15! Thanks for the cool posts!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks. K, I'm glad to hear you're Korea-bound. If you start a blog over here, keep me in the loop.

  6. Lovely photos. Just discovered your blog and am inspired! I'm just starting up as an efl teacher and writer and you've done a lot of things that I want to! <3