Oct 26, 2011

Heck yeah, Japan!

It was everything I thought it would be!

The shopping malls were as sterile as hospitals. The fish was briny fresh. The billboard models were simultaneously sexy and infantile. The fashion was eclectic and neon. The salarymen, after dark, were tipsy and jovial.

I loved Japan. Five days in Fukuoka just made me jacked to visit again.

I like a neighbourhood grocery store with a sense of humour.

Duckboat wranglers.

Space candy

Greatest park sight ever. I never could deduce how the hat stayed on.

Stunning temple. That hike was hot, sweaty, punitive, worth it.

Street noodles. This is not your dormmate's ramen.

New friends. They gave us Asahi. We gave them our paper fans from a pachinko parlour.

A Fukuoka Hawks baseball game, where a crowd inciter led cheers through a megaphone.

The 7th inning balloon release where spermy-looking inflatables swiggle skywards towards the diaphragm-like stadium dome.

Sashimi at the fish market.

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