Dec 19, 2011

Reacting to Kim Jong Il's death: "Can I come to Canada?"

Tae-nam, 15, student:

(smiling) “Do you know Kim Jong Il? He is die die die die die.”

Hyo-won, 15, student:

“Is Obama happy?”

Yumi, 21, university student:

“His life was always comfortable because he took so much from others. I’m disappointed that he wasn’t punished before he died. Instead, his death was comfortable, like his life.”

Jae-Eun, 31, English teacher:

“People are not surprised. He was not a healthy man. I think on the news, we would see pictures and videos that were much older, showing him in good health.”

Mimi, 34, Art teacher

“My daughter asked if we were sad because someone died. My husband and I didn’t know how to answer that.”

Mi-Ran, 14, student:
"I don't know. Teacher, I have a test today."

Ji-won, 26, math teacher:

“Nobody knows what will happen next. Maybe the son is kinder, maybe he is more selfish. But, we know that the government doesn’t want to lose any power.”

Chung-hee, 14, student:

“Maybe there will be a war now. Can I come to Canada with you?”

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  1. I think Yumi's answer is most interesting :)

    honestly i also sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear in a drama lol