Jul 6, 2011

Five MORE Reasons to Love K-Pop

Last winter, I wrote a blog post about my favourite K-pop videos, and why it's perfectly fine for a grown woman to love them.

Well, it's high time I share Korea's summer soundtracks, along with more reasons to listen to K-pop. Not that you need them. It's cultural immersion. Right? Right?

1. K-Pop stars, they're just like us

Some wild pop scandals in the news lately. First, MC Mong is arrested for evading military service, now Big Bang's Daesung commits manslaughter? ESL teachers, if your students are acting listless, bring up these scandals and the girls will talk til their jaws are sore. Communicative English!

2. You can learn some Korean.

Nae-ga che jal ah ga. Nae-ga che jal ah ga. Look at you, speaking Korean. Phrases like these may not be superduper practical when it comes to getting around Korea or asking questions. But hey, robot-rapping "I am the best" will break the ice.

3. They're playing their own instruments now!

Well done, CNBlue.

4. It's going west!

Remember the K-pop concert in France that had to add a second date because it sold out within hours? Remember those images of screaming Parisian tweens holding "TVXQ 사랑해요!" signs?

K-pop is spreading, and groups are tweaking their sound for western ears. 

I think 2PM really owes us an apology for this Eurotrash video and it's disappointing dance sequences (did you know that 2PM are insane dancers? Watch). Still, the song is catchy, and has "non-Korean audience" written all over it. 

5. You can pick up some moves.

Skip to 1:22 and tell me that doesn't look cool. I'm certain that this move is going to be the new Shock. Well done, B2ST.* 

*pronounced "Beast", in case you were curious


  1. Very nice songs! I am also into K-pop. A few of my favorite groups include Big Bang, SNSD, (I love Jang Keun Suk) and of course SS501 (their single albums are AMAZING!) I also think K-pop is very loveable! :D good blog! ^_^

  2. Who doesn't love kpop! :)